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Upcoming Auditions

March 22, 2014 | 10am-2pm

The Grand Theatre, located at 1575 South State Street, Salt Lake City, will be holding auditions for “Rings”, a new play by local playwright Aden Ross on Saturday, March 22, 2014. The auditions will be from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and will be held in the Alumni Room, located across from The Grand Theatre Offices at South City Campus. Richard Scott will be directing the production and it will run June 6-21, 2014 at the Grand Theatre. Rehearsals will begin in April.

"Rings" is based on an actual court case in which two wealthy white women are accused of kidnapping and interrogating two Hispanic women. Judge Madeleine Crowder must not only negotiate the layers of lies in the courtroom but also relive a painful tragedy from her past. While determining appropriate punishment, she contemplates the complexities of confession and attempts to balance justice and mercy. But finally she must ask, how can anyone find forgiveness for the crimes beneath the crimes—the pervasiveness of racism, the inequities of class, and the betrayal of loved ones—connecting us all in interlocking rings?

Those wishing to audition will need to call the Grand Theatre box office at (801) 957-3322 to schedule an audition time. Each actor will have a 3-5 minute time slot and will be asked to do a cold read of one of the sides (sides will be online as of March 17th.) Actors of all ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to audition. The Director is seeking 4 women ages 20-65 (2 parts must be bi-lingual English & Spanish); and 2 men ages 26-65 for these roles.

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Available Roles:

  • Madeleine Crowder - (Mady) A District Court judge in Albuquerque, New Mexico; in her forties; originally from New York City; divorced.
  • K.C. - A theater director at a local community theater; in her fifties and a native of Kansas City; Mady's neighbor and best friend; a widow. If possible, she should be a woman of color.
  • Ruby Kellpack - Co-defendant in the court case; mid-to-late thirties; wife of a prominent and wealthy local businessman.
  • Karen Glass - Ruby's neighbor, friend and co-defendent; late twenties to early thirties; married to a heart surgeon in town.
  • Concepcion Flores - A Hispanic woman in her twenties or early thirties; attends night school and works as a maid; speaks English with a heavy accent.
  • Vera Martinez - Concepcion's married sister; a little older than Concepcion; understands some English, speaks only Spanish.
  • Medina - A Hispanic main in his forties; Ruby's and Karen's defense lawyer.
  • Cutler - The Deputy District Attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the rehearsal process?
Typically, rehearsals last about six weeks prior to opening. Due to the complexity of everyone's schedules, rehearsals are reserved for evenings Monday through Fridays and Saturdays, during the day. Generally rehearsals are scheduled from 6:00-10:00PM weeknights, and 9:00AM-4:00PM on Saturdays.

Do I get paid?
Yes, we do offer stipends to all adult actors employed during a production. Children, under legal working age, do not receive monetary compensation, but usually receive discounted tickets for family members.

Do you hire Equity?
No, not generally. We are not an Equity Theatre, although, occasionally there is an equity contract offered under special circumstances. However, Equity actors are always encouraged to audition, as you never know what will be offered.

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